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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leaves are Falling on My Head! Happy Halloween!

Katrina came down with Zoe for Halloween. Uncle Aaron enjoyed the company! Of course if Katrina and Zoe are near...Aunt Nell is sure to be close by! We all enjoyed the company! Especially Grandma N! It was freezing all week and Katrina got sick with a cold. Zoe got reaquainted with long lost family (only a couple of months lost but to a baby an eternity!) So, finally on Halloween it warmed up, but not until after the freeze sent the leaves dropping by the bagfuls. Great opportunity to go play. Not so great for allergies! Lots of fun though. Here are a few treasures.

Uncle Aaron also got the biggest pumpkin ever! It ended up being a family project to carve it!Forgot to take the after picture! So Sad! Then to end the evening.... Trick or Treat!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paid in Full ( a lesson on Humility)

A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom, and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted.
As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had purchased the car. Finally, on the morning of his graduation, his father called him into his private study. His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son, and told him how much he loved him. He handed his son a beautifully wrapped gift box. Curious, and somewhat disappointed, the young man opened the box and found a lovely, leather-bound Bible, with the young man's name embossed in gold. Angry, he shouted at his father and said "with all your money, you give me a Bible?" and stormed out of the house.
Many years passed and the young man had become very successful in business. He had a beautiful home and wonderful family, but realized his father now was getting old, and thought perhaps he should go see him. He had not seen him since that graduation day. Before he could make arrangements, he received a telegram telling him his father had passed away, and willed all of his possessions to his son. He needed to come home immediately and take care of things.
When he arrived at his father's house, sudden sadness and regret filled his heart. He began to search through his father's important papers and saw the still gift-wrapped Bible, just as he had left it years ago. With tears, he opened the Bible and began to turn the pages. His father had carefully underlined a verse, Matt.7:11, "And if ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father which is in Heaven, give to those who ask Him?"
As he read those words, a car key dropped from the back of the Bible. It had a tag with the dealer's name, the same dealer who had the sports car he had wanted. On the tag was the date of his graduation, and the words PAID IN FULL.
How many times do we miss God's blessings because we can't see past our own desires?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Make us One
By Sally DeFord

How shall we stand amid uncertainty? Where is our comfort in travail?
How shall we walk amid infirmity, when feeble limbs are worn and frail?
And as we pass through mortal sorrow, how shall our hearts abide the day?
Where is the strength the soul may borrow? Teach us thy way.

Make us one, that our burdens may be light
Make us one as we seek eternal life
Unite our hands to serve thy children well
Unite us in obedience to thy will.
Make us one! teach us, Lord, to be of one faith, of one heart
One in thee.

Then shall our souls be filled with charity, then shall all hate and anger cease
And though we strive amid adversity, yet shall we find thy perfect peace
So shall we stand despite our weakness, so shall our strength be strength enough
We bring our hearts to thee in meekness; Lord, wilt thou bind them in thy love?

Take from me this heart of stone, and make it flesh even as thine own
Take from me unfeeling pride; teach me compassion; cast my fear aside.
Give us one heart, give us one mind
Lord, make us thine
Oh, make us thine!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm it! Maybe this is a hint that I've not written for a while!
Kristin Compton tagged me:

4 Jobs I've Had:

1. Worked at McDonald's

2. Worked on the Labor Gang in the Phelps Dodge Mine in Tyrone, NM shoveling rock
and coal dust. Hardest Physical job ever!

3. Piano Teacher

4. Childcare

4 Movies I've watched more than once:

1. Seven Brides for Seven Brother's

2. Lord of the Rings

3. Little House on the Prarie series

4. Love Comes Softly series

4 Places I've Been:

1. California

2. Myrtle Beach, NC

3. England

4. Niagra Falls in NY

4 Places I've Lived:

1. Silver City, NM

2. Las Cruces, NM

3. Albuquerque, NM

4. Rio Rancho, NM

Iv'e wandered far..............

4 People Who Email Me Regularly:

1. Katrina

2. Aunt Tina

3. Carol Bowerman

4. Brenda Parsons

4 Favorite Foods:

1. Chinese

2. Duth oven chicken

3. chicken chimichangas with red and green chili

4. Asparagus,zuccini,portabella mushrooms, onions saute'd with garlic salt

4 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year:

1. Stress relief

2. Trip to Utah

3. Wedding over

4. Time with my mother

4 TV shows I Watch:

1. American Idol

2. Heros

3. Lost

4. Dancing with the stars

4 People I Tag:

1. Heather C

2. Rendie M

3. Jeri S

4. Krisie Leigh

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day I said goodbye!

The Sunday before Christmas, I received a phone call from my mother saying that the nurse was seeing all the signs that death was close at hand and she should call her family. I threw some things in a bag and the car and took my kids to see my dad. It was so hard when we saw how much he had declined in a month with the last bout of pneumonia and a lung staff infection. He had lost so much weight that he looked like a holocaust victim. every bone stuck out and he had to be padded so not even the blankets would touch his skin. His skin was broken out with bed sores. His muscle was completely decomposed. I could almost touch my thumb and middle finger as I put my hand around his calf. He could no longer take in any nourishment or he would aspirate and we'd have to suck it back out to keep him from choking. I was able to get maybe 2-3 Popsicle like sponges soaked with water down him before he would again choke. His urine output was diminishing and he was unable to communicate with us other than the tears that would stream down his face. I spent the next 24 hrs getting as much water down him as possible. His tongue and lips were dry, cracked and bleeding. I would swab out his mouth and chunks of skin would come out. I reflected on words my Daddy had said many years before when his mother was in a nursing home. He said he never wanted to live with no quality of life and be taken care of like that. My Daddy gave me so many opportunities for music, dance, and any other activity we wanted to try. When I was a little girl and taking lessons, he'd ask me to sing " How much is that doggy in the window" It is such a silly song, and I'd get embarrassed. He said I pay for all these lessons and no one will sing me my song. Once in a while I'd appease him and sing it. As I layed next to him and cared for him, the only gift I could still give him was to sing. I layed next to him and hummed or sang all the hymns, primary songs, and yes even "How much is that doggy in the window" My mom kept saying she didn't know what he was waiting for to go home to Father in Heaven. I knew and I think all my siblings and mother knew too. He had lovingly cared and protected us his whole life. Mother would tell Daddy that he better not die and leave her with all this... She wouldn't make a very good widow. I could see Daddy hanging on for all of us. I in my heart hoped for my mother's sake that he would hold on until after Christmas, but knew it was fair to ask that of him. I knew he needed to go home and be at peace. I felt torn as my husband was home and Christmas was in two days. I told my mom I didn't know what to do. It would be Kristin's last Christmas at home and maybe Eric's for at least 3 yrs as he was contemplating serving a mission for the church. If he did he would have to soon start the application process and leave sometime this summer if accepted and approved. Mother said that even if he passed away today or in the next couple of days, There is nothing the funeral home could do until after Christmas. She said to go home and have Christmas with my family, that it was up to the Lord now. I spent the last night on a mattress on the floor by Daddy's bed to continue giving him water to moisten his mouth and put a jelly in his mouth so it wouldn't crack. I sat on a chair by his bed for a good portion of the night to spend as much time as I could with him. I so didn't want to go home, but we packed everything. I delayed and delayed. I finally asked my mother and my siblings if we could have a family prayer surrounding Daddy before I left. I had tried and tried to get the words out to tell Daddy that it was okay to go home to Heavenly Father, but I just couldn't do it. I could say it silently in my heart but not out loud. I told mother that I thought the reason he was hanging on was because he needed permission from us kids and her to go and asked if it was okay with her to do that before we left. She said yes and we called my sister in Arizona that was not there. She had been down the week before and stayed for a week. We didn't want to disclude her or take an opportunity for her to say goodbye without her. We called and arranged for her to go to a quiet place at work and put her on the speaker phone. We surrounded Daddy in love and decided that each of us would tell daddy what was in our hearts and end with a family prayer. My brother and sisters have gone far away from the church over the years, yet still feel the truth in their hearts. My brother turned to my son who is a priest in the LDS Church and said "Son, you are the only priesthood holder and you know what needs to be done for grandpa, you need to say the prayer to let him go." My son began to cry and said he didn't think he could. My brother said yes you can, it's okay. I told him he could start and I'd finish. We each told Daddy how much we loved him and that we were all there to take care of mother. We knew his body was tired and it was time for him to be free from this worldly turmoil and go to Heavenly Father. Everyone told him it was okay to go and mother told him she would be okay and didn't want him to suffer any more. He needed to go and prepare a place for her and she would join him when it was her time. Eric layed his hands on Daddy's head and through his sobs and tears, proceeded to Pray. My Eric is a young man of few words and his prayers are usually very short simple and childlike. Heavenly Father put the words in his mouth and he gave the most profound grown up spirit filled prayer I have ever heard. He told his grandpa that it was time to go home and Heavenly Father was awaiting him. He said that His Father and Mother had also been waiting a long time to be reunited with him as well as his sisters. He had lived a long fruitful life here on earth and he needed to now get reacquainted with his other family. He had another wife before he married mother that died in a car accident not long after the birth of his first child. His daughter was very sick and died also at the age of 7. He needed to now take care of and get to know her. Eric said he released Daddy from this earthly life and was entrusting him to our Father in Heaven. I ended with a family prayer and we all said our goodbyes and left for home. It was the hardest trip home ever. The next morning mother called and said he passed away peacefully in his sleep. It was an incredible experience to see my son step up to the plate and do such a grown up thing. I don't think any of us will ever forget this day. The love, compassion, and admiration, we all felt that day. Families truly can be together forever, and although we have to say our goodbyes for a time here on earth, it will only be a short while til we will be reunited and never have to say goodbye again. I can see my Daddy smiling, running, working again with his hands and still watching over us from Heaven. What a wonderful Christmas gift for him to be in our Father's arms and with our Savior Jesus Christ!
We held his funeral on December 30th. Mother had wanted me to sing a song I wrote many years ago and I didn't think I could. I rewrote some word as my wisdom and maturity have grown over the years and I did sing one last time for my Daddy with the help of my girls as we said our last goodbyes. Then we all sang at his grave site "God be with you til we meet again"
I am so grateful for the family history program that lets us find our ancestors, get to know their histories and helps us connect and seal them to us for eternity. I can't wait until it is my turn to return home to Father in Heaven and personally meet each and every one of them and say..."I didn't forget about you... Your life on earth was important to me and I am so glad to finally meet you.....Now we are together forever!

The following is some thoughts and memories of my life with my Daddy. It is only a small sampling as it will take me much more time to record and recall all our memories, but here are some of the most memorable to me.

My Daddy
Nancy Kay Catanach

My earliest memories of my Daddy were when I was between 2 and three. We had a 3 bedroom home that Daddy built little by little as he had enough money to buy more supplies. We moved in our house when I was just 3 months old. Daddy and Mother had their room, Linda and Renee were in another room and Lloyd had his own room. I stayed in my parent’s room for four years until Linda went to Las Cruces to live and work. Because I was in there so long, I can still remember standing up in the crib and hollering for my parents. I was also very attached and as you can guess quite spoiled. Even when I moved into the other room later, if I got scared I’d get to climb into bed with him and mother until I felt safe, settled down, and fell asleep. Then he’d carry me back to bed.
I’d even decide to stay at my grandparent’s house when we’d go to visit and before the night was over, Daddy and Mother had to come and get me. One time I didn’t have a choice and had to stay as Daddy and Mother had to go out of town on business. I cried and cried, Daddy promised me he would bring back something special, upon return they brought home a puppy, part beagle and part wiener dog. We named her princess and Daddy said she was the ugliest princess he had ever seen. He always liked to tease and make jokes even with the puppy. He’d get a permanent marker and draw pinwheels around her eyes and over her head with swirls and lines down her back. Eventually they’d fade and go away, but people would see her and say “What kind of dog is that! I’ve never seen anything like it!” Daddy would just laugh and never told them about the markers. He also liked to feed her peanut butter, which she loved, but he would laugh and laugh as she tried to get it unstuck from the roof of her mouth with her tongue.
We never went without but my parents were very frugal. We learned to make our own fun. They used to say only boring people get bored. He always let us use any scrap materials around the house as he was a do it yourselfer. He had wood, wheels, pipes, nuts and bolts, nails, paint, you name it and he probably had it. Mother had sewing materials. We made all kinds of things. Sleds, go carts, windmills, Barbie doll furniture, play house furniture, tree house ladders and storage, stilts, etc… He could build any kite made (or at least we thought he could) we’d build them and mother would give us scrap material for the tails and off we’d go to fly kites. There was always something we could make. He’d take paper and make us the best paper dolls ever! Even when my best friend Paulette’s father built her a playhouse, Daddy went out to the front porch made of concrete and underneath it there was an enclosed concrete storage area about six by twelve feet. It was only about 4 ft high. The floor was dirt. He moved out his lawn mowers and odd and end equipment, swept out the cob webs and bugs and said have fun. We swept it out and made it our playhouse, put in old furniture or made pretend stuff from Daddy’s scraps. I thought it was the best play house ever as long as Daddy kept sweeping out the bugs!
He was the best bug killer ever as I was terrified of anything that crawled except lizards and horny toads. One time he told me and Paulette that we could get some scrap wood to make a table to have a picnic on in the yard. We did and decided to just lay it across our laps. As we began to eat, my legs were tickling and we flipped the board over to find………….a gigantic tarantula! I peed my pants, screamed, cried as Daddy came running. It was one of the biggest he had ever seen. He began pounding it with a shovel until it was dead. Daddy to the rescue once again!
I couldn’t stand it when Daddy would go and do electrical jobs or jobs around our property without me. Daddy couldn’t stand for me to be sad, and more often than not I’d get to tag along as “Daddy’s helper”. I’d hand him tools, tell him the colors of wires (he was color blind), play with new found friends as he went to different locations, etc… anything to be with him. My elementary school was close to his electrical shop. Mother would work in the office sometimes and I’d walk there after school to “help” Daddy fix things. He seemed to always have a project for me. I was always amazed. Later in years I found out that he never wanted to hurt our feeling by telling us he had to get some work done, so he’d take a break from work about a half hour before school got out and make a project such as hammering nails into wood. I’d get there and he’d say sweetheart I have a job for you, do you think you could help me… I need that piece of wood, but there are nails in it……will you pull them out for me?” I’d get the hammer and pull nails out to my hearts content and he’d be able to finish his work. The best part was that when I was done, we’d go next door to the Rexall Drug Store and get ice cream or chocolate malts at the soda fountain.
He never made us feel like he was too busy to spend time with us. Sometimes he worked two jobs to make ends meet so mom could be home with us as much as possible. He’d get done and come home asking who wants to go for a ride. We’d go on a mountain ride and hear stories from his childhood, go rock hunting, arrow head hunting, check out old mines, go visit old cemeteries where different family members were buried, go hiking, fishing, picnicking, camping, snow sledding behind the pickup, anything to spend time with our family. I was always so oversensitive and always looked out for the underdog.. Daddy used to go deer hunting and once in a while we’d go as a family. I thought it was fun. The first time I saw a dead deer in the back of a truck I got hysterical as I thought Daddy had killed Bambi. It took a while to calm me down. Another time I went to my room crying because I saw them cutting up a deer hanging in the garage. We’d take lunches and sometimes camp while he went. One time I wanted to go with him and he said he didn’t know it would be hard climbing and he might have to run if he saw a deer. I told him I’d keep up. We hiked and hiked and found a rock on top of a hill to rest on. We pulled out something to munch on and Daddy spotted a deer. He said to stay put on the rock and he’d come back for me. He took off running with the gun and all of a sudden what he was about to do became a reality for me. It wasn’t like rock hunting or arrowhead hunting, he was going to shoot something. I began screaming “Daddy don’t kill Bambi, Please don’t kill Bambi!” He said again stay there and don’t move! He came back a while later with me sitting on the rock, tears flowing, and having trouble breathing. I asked him if he killed Bambi and he kissed me and hugged me and said, “No, I didn’t kill Bambi lets go find your mother and go home.” He said I ruined hunting for him that day.
Daddy would come home no matter where he was or what he was doing to tuck us in and say goodnight and go back to work or whatever he was doing. He couldn’t stand it if we were home sick. He’d take off on his breaks to come check on us and feel our heads. Bring us something special to cheer us up. Poke vitamins down us and anything else he thought might help even MOM (milk of magnesium) to clean us out!
One of the most special gifts my daddy gave me was the gift of the gospel. Mother taught us and gave us the opportunity to learn of the Savior and His teachings by herself for many years. Daddy always encouraged us and supported us but was not a member. He had investigated the church several times and I had seen many of my friends get baptized by their dad’s. I was so sad that he might not be able to baptize me. I’d come home from my friends baptisms and cry. He’d ask me what was wrong and I’d tell him. He joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was baptized by my brother when I was eight and baptized me on October 24, 1970. I couldn’t have asked for a more special gift than that!
When I was small Daddy used to put me inside the steering wheel of his pickup truck and I’d turn side to side.(usually on long trips to the Gila or Mountains) He started teaching me to drive when I was thirteen. We’d go out on the back roads and he say okay sister lets try it. Of course his philosophy was if you can learn to drive a standard you can drive anything. He would find an intersection that stopped on a steep uphill climb, stop the car, put it in first gear, and pull the emergency brake. I’d try to start the car, ease off on the clutch and push the gas only to find out time and time again I had stalled the car. We also had a cleared area across the street from us where the kids would play baseball in the summers. The small trees and weeds would grow up and he’d take the Volks Wagon over there and have me drive around. Who knows how many weeds and trees I drove to the ground learning to drive. He also made us take all the wheels off the car and put them back on so we’d know how to do it in an emergency. We learned how to check the oil and change it “Yuck”
A week after I got my license we went to California to my sisters in our motor home. Daddy drove most of the way and early morning he asked if I’d like to drive. He said to wake him up when we were about to get into Los Angeles. Well…..we got there about 7:00 in the morning and I hit rush hour. I kept banging on the roof above me where the bed was in the motor home and I couldn’t wake Daddy up. I was in a middle lane and cars were all around me. Motorcycles were making their own lane and I couldn’t move over to exit. I started crying and just kept driving. I still don’t know to this day what exit I finally got off of when Daddy got up and talked me off the freeway. Coming from a small town I had never seen anything like that.
Shortly after that trip we were going to Hurley to see my grandparents as we made at least weekly trips. I put on my signal to turn left onto their street and Bam!!! Glass was flying, half the car was gone and I was in my dad’s lap. A car behind me had been traveling 90 mph and tried to pass me as I made my left turn. He hit me broadside. When my dad saw his lights he grabbed my clothes and ripped me from my seat to his lap or I would have been dead. I was looking out my window when he hit and I was wearing shorts and short sleeves. I had glass cuts everywhere, but miraculously I got none in my eyes or anywhere vital. I knew then that God must have greater, future plans for me as he spared my life that day. Again my dad thought of me first and foremost and my safety before his.
Another example of this was the time Daddy, Mother, and I went up to Signal Peek. Mother wanted to pick raspberries as they were ripe and ready to harvest. We drove up to the lookout tower and climbed up to look over the city. Then we went back down where we had seen several bushes full of raspberries. The mountain had been hit with bad weather before we went up and a tractor had plowed the road. Mother got her gloves on so the thorns on the bushes wouldn’t get her and headed to the bank to start picking. Daddy and I were digging in the truck for gloves for us when we heard this shrill scream “Lesterrrrrrrrrrrr…………” It seemed to fade away and we went running. The bank had been hollow under her and gave way. She plunged head first down the hill about 15 feet. Her first reaction was to put her hands out. Her arms went under a log and her face hit the log. Daddy scrambled down after her and as he carried her up all I could see was blood everywhere. Daddy always had scrap rags in the cars for just in case. He gave her a rag to blot the blood to reveal a huge gash above her eyebrow and a puncture wound into her sinus. He threw us in the truck and told her to put pressure on it. I sat in the middle between them and Daddy flew down the mountain (literally). It was @ an hours drive to the hospital and we made it in about 30 minutes. The road had tight pin turns and steep cliffs that dropped off the side of the road. At times we only had two wheels on the road and two over the cliff. I was so scared. The road was dirt and bumpy and as mother tried to hold the rag over her face, it would bounce up and down. The blood kept squirting everywhere. I’m sure I didn’t help as I yelled “Daddy is Mommy going to die?” I began praying that we’d get there quick and safe, as I’m sure my parents were too. Daddy had lost his first wife to a car accident years earlier and buried his baby girl at the age of seven. He was so protective of us and couldn’t stand to see us sick or hurt. We made it to the hospital and the Dr. had to cut mother’s clothes off her body, they did x-rays and rushed her to surgery to stitch her up. I thought for sure I might lose my mother that day. The Lord has also spared her life more than once for his greater purpose here on earth.
We all took various lessons and Daddy was always there to support us. Daddy and Mother were our private cheering squad encouraging us in whatever adventure we undertook. I ran track in High School and it wasn’t as easy as the music or dance and I was trying to learn to get out of the starting blocks faster. He did track himself when younger and one day when I came home, he had built me my own set of starting blocks to practice on. We’d put them on the dirt road out front and he’d give me hints, encourage me, and time me. I never was great at track, but I enjoyed Daddy’s encouragement, love, and help in my endeavors.
My Daddy was taught that boys didn’t cry his whole life and we very seldom saw tears from him. We’d get in trouble and he’d have to go to the other room and cry so we couldn’t see him, but we heard him. The day he took me to college, unpacked my things and left me there, I saw my daddy sob. There was never a lack of love from him.
I missed home so much when I went to college. I would come home on the weekends I could on Friday and stay as late as I could on Sunday night. It used to worry my parents so much. I went home one weekend for my best friend Pamela’s wedding. Still in my formal and High heels, I headed late to my dorm in Las Cruces. I began driving and between Hurley and Deming I got tired and dosed off. The next thing I knew, my car was in a spin and I was off the road. I didn’t know which was to Deming as I was disoriented. I got out cried a while and began looking around. I could see the smoke stacks in the distance from the Kennecott Copper Mine. I got back in the car and continued to Las Cruces. I went through Deming and began the next stretch of the trip. I was within 30 minutes of Las Cruces when …. “thud, thud, thud” I had a flat tire. I got out and thought crap I have to change a tire in my dress. I got out the jack and the spare and noticed, I didn’t have just one flat, but two! I thought to myself that there was nothing for miles around and it would be better to drive on the flats and ruin the rims than stay in the middle of nowhere. I drove until there was nothing left of the tires and saw a trailer off to the right of the highway. I got out and crawled through the barbed wire fence (in a formal and high heals) and headed for the trailer to ask for help or call Daddy. As I approached the trailer, there were no lights on and dogs were barking. There were five Doberman pinchers on heavy chains around the perimeter of the trailer. They weren’t going to let me anywhere near there and no one came out to see what the ruckus was all about. I started walking back and I started praying for help. About the time I started to climb back through the fence a car came behind me on the frontage road. I ran down and they opened the window. Cigarette smoke bellowed out into my face and I started explaining what happened. They paused and began speaking to me in German. I finally pointed to my car, mimed picking up a phone, and said police. They looked confused at me. I knew I could only be a few miles from the border patrol station just outside Las Cruces so I pointed that direction and said again police, police. They opened the car door and motioned for me to get in. It was a six passenger car and I made seven. I don’t know why I got in a strangers car, I said a quick prayer and felt no anxiety of danger. I sat on their laps and we drove a few miles until I saw the border patrol station. I pointed and said police and they let me out. I walked across the highway and down the side of their trailer. As they heard the clicking of my heals on the sidewalk they stuck their heads out in disbelief of what they were seeing. I got in there and told them my situation and wanted to call Daddy to come and help as he had many time before. They told me that there were no phones there only a radio to dispatch in El Paso, TX. They called dispatch and had them call my Daddy to come and pick up the car, called my roommate (who called my boyfriend, not husband), to come get me. I went on to school as soon as they arrived and Daddy took off from Silver City with not one but two good tires to rescue me once again. He got home about 5 in the morning. He never got mad or chastised me, just was greatful I was okay. No task even in our stupidity was ever a burden to him.
The summer after my first year of college, Daddy said that the mine where he worked was hiring college students who’s parents worked in the Phelps Dodge Copper Mine as laborers. It was $10.00 an hour. I was so excited at the thought of going to work with my daddy. Some were placed in the office, some went to the electric shop, others went to the mill. Wherever it was, you couldn’t work in the same place as your parent. I was hoping for the office. I was quite shocked when I found out that I’d be working in the mill. I’d have to were a helmet with a light on the front, safety glasses, metal toed boots, respirator masks and gloves as I’d be shoveling and hauling wheelbarrows of ground up rock dust three levels underground, shoveling and hauling rocks that fell off the conveyor belt, and even using picks and shovels to break up the rock hard residue left behind in the railroad cars from the ore. Daddy was a foreman in the electric shop and he’d come by to check on me. I didn’t know he would watch me from afar as I shoveled the dirty stuff. I’d get the wheelbarrow full and start to push it and it would tip over sideways. My foreman would say fill it up again and I’d start over again. I’d keep working tears streaming down my face. Daddy would tell me sister don’t fill up the wheelbarrow quite so full and put all the weight up front not on the handles. He’d ask the foremen how I was doing and they’d tell him I was a hard worker but they didn’t know if I’d make it past two weeks. Daddy told them that he taught us to work hard and not give up. He said I’d be alright. I soon found muscles I never knew I had and came home filthy. Mother would strip me under a blanket at the back door and I’d go shower. It was the hardest job I ever had and the best as I got to spend every day where my daddy worked. We’d talk everyday on the ride to and from the job, about 40 min each way. I also had to get up at four o’clock in the morning, and I’m not a morning person. My time with Daddy was so worth it!
As I became a wife and mother his support never waivered. He was always there for me. Even when I had early labor and was put to bed rest, mother being a school teacher couldn’t leave for that long, Daddy came up and took care of me, the house and Katrina. The kids always knew that he’d have some kind of treat, candy or something in his pocket and could talk him out of anything. He was such a push over. When Danielle began talking we were trying to get her to say “Hi Grandpa” It would always come out “Pockets” We’d keep telling her “no Grandpa!” But for several years she called both her Grandfather “Pockets”
My boys did scouts and they loved to go home and get tools from grandpa. Eric and Daddy made a toolbox and filled it with tools. Daddy, Eric and Aaron built bird houses and anything else that the boys might be working on. It was great to see his skills passed down to the boys. They treasured helping him and learning about different skills and tools.
One of the greatest bonds I felt with Daddy was when we lost our baby girl after birth. After losing his first wife and burying his baby girl Karen at the age of 7, he understood what my loss felt like. I know that he is now with his family that have passed before him, including his mother, father, sisters, his first wife, his baby girl Karen and his grandbaby, my daughter, Shaina Rose. I am so grateful that we are an eternal family and have the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know we will be together again, never to be parted and Daddy will be there with arms wide open to welcome me home.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Daddy, My Hero

Lester infant

Daddy and Mother get Married

Daddy and Mother in 1982

Daddy and Mother's 50th Anniversary

Daddy and Mother at Nell's wedding

Mother's Birthday Feb, 2008

This is going to be short as I need to pull my time and thoughts together after we get through this week. On tuesday December 24, 2008 My Daddy left his crippled, sick, tired body to go home to our Father in Heaven. He is now with his other family and free from the earthly trials he has endured. One of my favoriete sayings I gave him was " Any one can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy!
He was my Daddy, my mentor, my teacher, my coach, my cheering squad, my doctor, my protector, my fixer,my hero. He lived a long, happy, tiring, hard working life and always put everyone before himself. He died at the age of 91. Sometime look back at the advances in the world since 1917, You will be amazed at the changes he has witnessed. He will be missed greatly especially by his eternal companion my mom, who spent 62 yrs with him. I am grateful to know I will see him again and we will be an eternal family. Like I know his mother and father were there to greet him, I know he will be standing with open arms to greet me when my time comes. I am most grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, who made it possible to live again. May he rest from his earthly cares in peace and freedom until we meet again.
"God be with you til we meet again"
I love you Daddy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trials strengthen faith

Last night My dad had a priesthood blessing from one of the members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My mom got there this morning and the nurses called in the Dr to check him because for the first time they could hear bowl movements and sound,and his stomach was not distened and hard but soft and supple. His intestines have had no sound or movement since hospitalization and he hasn't eaten for 3 days. They had pumped everything out of him. The Dr said he didn't know how it could be possible(We know how!), because they were talking about either the risk of doing surgery to unblock the intestine and get it functioning or him dying from the poisoning. He had all the signs of bleeding internally.Doing surgery was a bad option as we had been told he'd probably never withstand anesthesia again, it would have probably killed him. Daddy is more at ease, his blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal and they took the tube out of his stomach late this afternoon to start giving him food. He is still not totally out of the woods yet. We will see if the food passes through the bowel. We also don't know if he is still bleeding internally until they see the stool. God had once again performed miracles and blessed our family. He is so much better today and I feel we have been so sent angels to care for him! I have prayed that if it be his time to return home to take him quickly so to not suffer any more and if not be, that the Dr would find out what was wrong and help him. He still must have some unfinished business here...maybe to build our testimonies of faith, I don't know, but he spared Daddy's life this last week for some reason. I still know our time with him is short, but I also know that the Lord will call him home when He is ready to call him home. I hope he can go home and leave this world peacefully at the appointed time from his home and bed with mother with him calm and not in distress, not in turmoil, looking at tubes and hospital equiptment. I close this blog in awe, humbled and grateful for my faith and a loving Father in Heaven!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life is one trial after another, thank heavens for the blessings!

I have my van back finally. It took $7800+ to fix it. Yikes. For an accident that involved speed under 15mph. It terrifies me to think what would have happened at the normal speed on the road of 45mph. I am watched over, very blessed and grateful for car insurance!

There have been so many trials in our family of late and this week had to be one of the hardest I've had. I went home on the 7th of November for my dad's 91st birthday. I encouraged my children to come with me as every day with him here is a miracle. Only Aaron and myself went. Every visit home is harder as I see my dad slowly slip away from us. He is slow of speech and his words are very hard to understand. He usually stares or sleeps most of the day and can usually shout out mommy for my mother to come help him. He with much effort can usually voice some needs and concerns.He doesn't react to us there much, but if I would put his face in front of mine and say" Daddy it's Nancy, I'm home!" He would get a sparkle in his eyes and flash me a smile. This weekend no matter what I did, I got no reaction from him. I showed him pictures of the kids and his new great grand baby and he stared blankly. I feed him cuddled him and nothing. He was wheezing in his left lung and we were giving him nebulizer treatments. He seemed to choke on everything and then the wheezing got worse. All of my sibling came down and it was nice to spend the time with them. I didn't go to church on Sunday as I usually do being the only active member. Daddy seemed even worse. He again got choked and I would hold his arms high above his head so he could try to get air in his lungs. I said daddy are you okay and he got out the words "NO". These were the first I was able to understand for the weekend. I held him in my arms and rubbed his head and his breathing calmed down enough for him to sleep a bit. I leaned down and kissed him on the head and said " Daddy I love you so much!" He heard me and began to try in guttural sounds to speak. It took quite a while before he was able to get the words " Me Too!" out. I wish I could in words describe the active, vibrant, hard working, prideful, independent man my father was just a short few years ago. It tears me apart to see him so frail and sickly. He used to tell us when my grandmother was in the nursing home, don't ever let me get to be like this! I know he hates having to depend on everyone and hates not being able to communicate. I know my mother is afraid to be alone and holds on to every precious moment she can get with my dad. Part of me wants to pray him well and the other part wants to see him free of this awful world and safe in my Father in Heaven's arms. Then I feel guilty. I can't stand the thought of him being gone, but this trip I couldn't feel his soul and spirit with me hardly at all. The veil between life and death is very thin now and growing thinner. He keeps asking to go see his mother and father who have both passed away. When my mom talks about us girls coming to see him, he makes comments like " I won't be here and When are my sister coming (they too have already passed away). A short time before his mother passed away she would say that my grandpa had come to visit her and said he'd be coming for her soon. I wonder if this is why he keeps asking for his parents and sisters. I fear that my time is very short here on earth with my father. On Sunday we ate lunch before we had to return home for Aaron to go back to school. Daddy slept all day and he didn't wake up to eat lunch with us. I kept stalling to go home and when he did finally eat, he began moaning with every bite. I told mom he sounded miserable like gas or stomach. His stomach was distended and hard and he kept rocking forward and backward. I asked my brother and brother in law if the could get daddy up and hold him on each side and get him moving to see if maybe gas would pass. They did but Daddy didn't seem to get any relief. Mom went to change him on the hospital bed and he just couldn't get back up. I reluctantly kissed him goodbye and my mom put him to bed. I usually bawl all the way home, but this time I was just numb. It seemed like I said goodbye the last time I was home and all that was there was the vessel or shell of the dad I used to know. I almost turned around over the mountain range and went back home, but I also had an obligation to my son's schooling. I called home as soon as we got over the mountain pass and mother said Daddy's temp spiked and he began vomiting about a half hour after I left. It was so hard to continue driving home. He ended up in the hospital with pneumonia again and obstruction and air pockets in his intestine. They asked mother for her health directive for daddy should they have to do emergency surgery as his bowel could rupture. He was given a blessing and after 3 days his bowel cleared. He is still in discomfort and is still running a temp. They almost lost him again the night before last when his heart rate was extremely fast and he couldn't get any air in his lungs. They again asked mother what to do if his heart should stop. I wonder if my Dad will come home from this one. To anyone who is reading please keep our family in your prayers. I am sorry for the sad post, but this is my journal and place of venting. I needed to get it out.
Steve's dad had spell of non recognition of family members with his Alzheimer's and can be quite mean and rough with his mom. The last few months have seemed to get worse and worse. There has been much contention among the sibling with the stress and again we see Satan try to divide and conquer the family unit. This last weekend Steve's dad didn't recognize anyone and wanted to know where his wife was and when he could go home. This usually passes within an hour to 48 hrs. This time it lasted days. He woke up in the middle of the night Monday and Steve's mom tried to help him get to the bathroom. He didn't recognize her and told her to get out and started hitting her (has happened quite often and is getting worse) She called Steve's sister who had to call 911. They tried to talk him down, but he kept saying he wanted to go home and he'd never hit his wife. They finally had to sedate him and take him to the hospital. Steve's mom and the kids had to make a decision with the social workers as what to do and they finally had to decide on a nursing home for Mom's safety. This is another hard trial and decision for the family as he was abused in the last home they tried to place him. We found out that the facility he went to has two family members working there and one of them will be directly caring for Dad, so that comes with some relief.
I am so grateful that when I feel like I am totally going to lose it and fall into a dark hole I can turn to my Father in Heaven and say I've done all I can do and I can't go any farther, I give this burden to you and ask you to carry me in your loving arms for a while til I can stand on my own two feet again. After a day of crying and praying and going to the temple I have felt him pick me up and He is carrying me. He loves me so much regardless of how unworthy I feel at time of such tremendous blessings. I don't know how people make it through life alone and without him.
There is stress in my marriage because of upcoming events in my children's lives and the trials of life pulling us in too many directions. This too I pray will mend and heal with God's help. I knew one day this would come. I thought I would be prepared, and I wasn't! But this too will pass and I know I will be stronger because of it. I know God lives and loves me. I know families are eternal. I know if my faith doesn't waiver all will be well if I but can endure...........................

Monday, October 27, 2008

October News! Some really unexpected!

I had a blast in Utah with my kids and especially Zoe. She is a baby doll. I wish it was longer, but I missed the rest of my kids.

I got back in time to see RRHS Band compete in the State competiotion Zia. It was fantastic. I don't think I have ever seen RRHS do so well all around. The music, the marching, the horn section, the visual. Wow! I am so proud. The kids also went to Colorado and did equally well. They also had a blast.

My son decided to live up the life of a senior and become a Rythman for the powderpuff game. Homecoming week. I wish I knew how to post video.... He was sooo graceful......or maybe not. The costume was custom designed by one of the rythmettes. Lovely????!!!!!I do have a few pictures makeup and all.

Eric is the one with very little material covering the middle of his chest!!!Yikes!

I also was in a wreck last weekend and am waiting to see if my van is totaled or not. No one was injured, just my nerves and dignity. No one was sited as it was extreme heavy traffic and due to emergency vehicles trying to get though an intersection. I had to 11 yr olds in my car screaming what direction the emergency crews were coming, while I'm smack dab in the middle of the intersection. The truck in front of me moved forward and I thought that I would be able to move up and out of the way. As I began to move, the boys yells the fire truck is coming right at you. On my right side. I looked to the right and turned back to look at the truck in front of me ( slamming on her brakes and swerving to not hit the car in front of her. I slammed on mine and went into her trailer hitch on the back of the truck. My son started yelling the car is on fire as smoke was coming around his feet inside the car. I quickly evacuated the boys onto the small triangular light median and jumped out of the van. Needless to say the fire truck stayed and took care of us. Not sure what happened to the people they were originally called out to. I didn't know at the time until I went to the car place a took a better look. The hitch went straight into my impact bar in the front of the van and bent it into a v directly into the radiator. So instead of smoke in my van it was the steam from the radiator. I feel very grateful that no one was hurt. The van although we just finished paying it off.... sob sob sob.. is just a thing. Our lives aren't. I am greatful my Father in Heaven was protecting us. I didn't say my prayes that morning as usual to protect us as we traveled for the day. I grumbled about having to drive my boys to an 11 yr old scout camp and stay there doing nothing for the whole day when I had a lesson to prepare for the folling day at church. I was tired and grumpy all day and kept saying what if I went the other way home.... what if I had gone home early and let another mother pick up the boys. You can what if all you want, but sometimes bad things happen and we can't change it. I will be a more concious of saying my prayers, be a little less grummpy, try not to murmer so much in the future,pay mor attention to the car in front of me instead of screaming boys,and the emergency vehicles will just have to be patient and wait for the intersection to clear. All events teach us things. I know that had it been our time to return to heaven, He would have taken us. I also know that because it was not, lessons were learned, faith was strengthen and my testimony of the love and protection of my Savior heightened. I still had to go home and prepare a spiritual message for the next day and had trouble focusing on the task at hand. It took numerous prayers to pull myself together, but once again the Lord took me in his hand and said.... follow me and I will give you peace among trials... and He did. Now I am awaiting their decision to fix or total my van. Getting a rental car was not enjoyable as it smelled like a smokeshop and had a wet puddle of coffe under the drivers side. It was a nice care a Dodge Magnum. Wouldn't mind checking into this for a future car. Finally got another car. Yeah!
smells better.....not quite as roomy and nice, but it smells clean!
See I waited to long to do this again and my post is forever long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newest news...........................Krisin got engaged on Thursday night. She is so happy she says her cheeks hurt. I promised her sister that I'd post pictures that we took after they came back to the house.

Kristin got together with Cameron at her best friends wedding. He was the best man. they've been together since.

Thursday Cameron told Kristin he was taking her to dinner in old town plaza. On their way he said" lets go over here first". He proceeded to take her to the gazeebo in the center of the park. (They've been here before and he tried to get her to dance with him to no music. She got embarassed and wouldn't) She asked him if he was going to make her dance again... He said no and walked her up the gazeebo. He said he had something for her....(you can quess what she was expecting....) But not whst she thought. He pulls out a box and tells her to open it.... it is a watch.

She reluctantly said oh, thanks, and she asked what that was for... He told her to pull out the stem on the watch... she again asked why and he told her ... so she would know what time he proposed to her...

he then proposed and obviously she said yes. They went back to their car and drove to Cameron's parents house and then mine. We took a couple of pictures.

When he got ready to go home from our house that night he hugged me and said..."thanks for letting me marry your daughter!" I told him I haven't let him yet. After a moment of thought, silence(rare with cameron) and disbelief I think he said...."Well thanks for letting me take the first step to getting there" and laughed. He went home and Kristin said she was starving. He never did feed her. She didn't want to spoil the whole proposal so she never told him she was starving. She had an apple and went to bed. Amazing how filling love is.............

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In Utah!

I came up to see my kidos for a few days. I left with my AAron crying though. Any one who knows us will remember that we are joined at the hip and don't do well apart. He has been fine since I left and his Daddy and siblings have been trying to keep his attention elsewhere.
I got here and Zoe wanted nothing to do with me. Katrina tried to get me to give her her bottle and put her to bed so she could get used to me being here all week. She was not having it. I took a nap in the afternoon and when I got up, Katrina had given Zoe a dose of tylenol, and she was a happy camper.
I got up the next morning apprehensive about how the day would go after our first morning together. I couldn't have asked for better. She was such an angel!! I did figure out after the first morning the she is a TV holic and if I fed her sitting in my lap facing the TV and didn't talk to her she did okay. Nap time came and I went in her room, turned on her primary cd, swadled her in her blanket, sang to her for a minute,layed her in her crib, and she was out. Katrina said she was trying to stretch out her time between feedings from 1 1/2 hours or 2 hrs to between 3-4. I got Zoe up and we played and exercised and after about 2 1/2 hours it was clear she was hungry. I found a pacifier in her toys and washed it and rubbed it on her gums (I think she will be like her mom and get teeth early!)she sucked it in and sucked on it for 45 min and I gave her her bottle. We made it 3 hours and 15 min yeah! I had such a great day. Hope today goes as well. So far so good. She is in her Red Sox outfit today so I will have to take a picture to show Uncle Chad ( he bought it for her Dad last Christmas, knowing that boy or girl, the baby would have to be a Red Sox fan! Ha Ha It was cute picturing Chad baby shopping.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Grandbaby

I can't beleive how she's grown. I am going to visit the first week of October. I can't wait!!!!!!!

Who is this other picture of can you quess?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall is coming quickly

Fall in Albuquerque

Balloon Fiesta

I love fall, it is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp feel of the air on my face as I walk Aaron to the bus. I love the smell of the rains that we have been blessed with. It reminds me of baptism when everything is cleansed and made pure. It makes everything more beautiful. It is also State Fair time and Balloon Festival. The State Fair is just about the same every year, but when I think of it I remember past fair days with our family, roasted corn, and of course Turkey legs. Great stuff!! I love driving and seeing beautiful colored Hot Air Balloons dotting the sky. The smell of fresh roasted green chile.It gives such great variety to the seasons.
State Fair Smoked Turkey Leg

State Fair Roasted Corn on the Cob

Smell of chile roasting

Taking it home to eat it!

So many things have happened this month, nothing spectacular, just busy. With the start of school, there were supplies to be bought, numerous trips to UNM bookstore( too many and too much!), routines to set in place and new teachers to adjust to. It is always an exciting new beginning of another adventurous year, and a sad realization that time goes by too fast. Unlike most mothers that can't wait to scoot their kids out of the door after the long summer, I miss their smiles, teasing, companionship, and spirits round about me. I go through withdrawals when school starts. It is so sad how much control the school has on my children. They reach the age of 5 and they are controlled for 5 days out of seven, for 9 1/2 months of the year, and they call you by their teachers name or their teacher mom!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I contemplate home schooling again. Wish I was more confident that I could provide all the educational needs of my kids.
I have so many projects to get accomplished though and am not sure where to start!!! I have been spring cleaning in the fall since my house and yard were kind of neglected while I was gone this summer. The saying "It's easier to keep up than to catch up" sure keeps coming to mind lately. As soon as I finish the closets and cupboards, I am going to finish my painting job I started in the spring.
Kristin is in a new relationship with a kind, attentive guy she met a year ago and just hasn't had the chance to get to know until now. Both Kristin's best friend and her new boyfriend's best friend got married in August and in setting up and chivalrying their car, got together. Both were tyring to figure out where they stood now that their friends were married and now all they can see is each other, so that made the transition easier. It is great to see my Kristin happy again. She loves his family and he seems to love us. My boys already consider him a brother and pick on him all the time. He seems comfortable around us and natural... like what you see is what you get. He is polite and gracious. He offers help and wants to do service for us. He is really into (maybe a little obsessed) with sports and cars. The boys in our family really like sports too. Being a Cowboys fan is a plus too. Sports can be great fun, but I feel there are so many more spiritual things in life that our time can be spent on. Too many practices and games on Sunday or YM/YW nights can pull them away from the gospel. Balance I think is important, and God and spirit should always be first. Cameron served an LDS mission in France and is active at church. His dad is in the bishopric in his ward. I feel he is a little too tough guy at times and he is quite competitive, but he does have a softer, gentler side if you draw it out. I also know that he can protect and keep my Kristin safe and wouldn't hesitate to do so. He is very motivated and goal oriented. I see the best in him when he talks about his mission experience and his family. It sounds like his mission was a tough road but great life changing experience at the same time. He is smart and working on being an Opthamologist. Family is of great importance to him and he wants to settle here. Yeah! I can also tell that Kristin has made quite an impression on him and his family. There have been quite a few hints lately as to their future intentions. Kristin was in a relationship last Jan - May and they were talking marriage in the fall.... Well obviously that didn't happen. They parted ways and moved on in their lives. I am so grateful that Kristin is so in tune to the spirit and talks often with her Father in Heaven. She felt that this last relationship wasn't meant to be. I know that when the time is right, she will know with out any doubts.
As a mother though it is so hard to see your kids trials and emotions at this time of their life. You want to support their choices of possible eternal mates and make them part of your family... Then for one reason or another circumstances change and they move on to look again. The kids move on, but how does mom move on from one possible new son or daughter to another. These kids become part of your lives and you forever care about their well being, both spiritual and physical. I am finding it hard to open my heart as much this time to the possibility of a new son in law. I want to be excited and happy for them but feel such reservations. It's like a protection in case things don't work out this time. (What do you think?) Kristin keeps asking me what I think of him. Cameron and I have talked quite a bit and although the two are so different, the differences seem to compliment each other, which could be a great strength together. I know they are to the I love you's already and things have progressed quite quickly. She also asked her dad the other night what he thought of Cameron. His comment was... I don't think about Cameron... Should I? He said he talked a lot and seemed like a nice guy, but....................... You know no one will ever be good enough for my daughter. I don't think that is what Kristin wanted to hear, but she should have known that would be his reaction already.
Eric is a senior this year and many plans are already in the works. He has made a decision to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and has already been talking to the Bishop. It is something he has considered for a while. He has prayed and struggled with what he wanted to do after graduation. He wants to go into CAD design. He contemplated the service (mom's worst fear) He contemplated serving a mission. He had a great experience at EFY at BYU this summer and said he finally knew that he wanted to serve a mission before he started his career. Most young men graduate at 18, go to school and work a while until they turn 19 ( age to be eligible to serve) and then leave on a two year mission. Eric was held back years ago and is already 18. He will turn 19 in December. Bishop wants to submit his paper work in December... have Eric receive his call in March and leave by June 1, 1009. This would be about 3 weeks after he graduates. This is a great sacrifice for the young men who serve. They put their educational plans on hold for two years to serve the Lord. They can write letters, but have no verbal contact except for Mother's Day and Christmas. They watch no TV, listen to only gospel music, get up at 6:00 and do scripture study... walk, ride bikes, or rarely drive a car to teach whomever will listen 6 days out of 7. They get one day a week to do laundry, wear comfy clothes and rest. I have yet to hear a young man say it was the worst choice of their life. Instead I see young men come back grown men... spiritual men... strong men... ready to tackle whatever life may throw at them. They say it was the best experience of their lives, not always the easiest, but the best. I am excited for Eric and yet the mother in me already misses him. He does everything for me! He has been given a gift of talking and getting to know people though and I see him being a great influence for good in the world. I know his rewards for this decision will be great and eternal. I have a feeling this year will fly by faster than any other for me.
I also have a trip planned next month. After crying and missing my babies in Utah, my husband had a frequent flier ticket and I am going back to Utah for 5 days. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Then it won't be so long till I see my kids at Thanksgiving. Thank you honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so this is why I should do this more often.................
Too much info at one time. Sorry!
Til next time.